Cleaning Techniques for Abingdon Carpets Worcester

During the last couple of years, Abingdon carpets have gotten considerably more popular in areas from all around the world, thanks to their good looks, ergonomics and stress-free maintenance.
It’s important to be aware of the fact that carpets do tend to get dirt under normal use, and that looking after your carpet constantly can maximize its lifespan, alongside with its looks. However, accidents do happen, and vacuuming them may not always be efficient, which is why we’ll go over an array of more efficient cleaning techniques that you may need to apply, based on the type of dirt that you’re dealing with.

  • General Cleaning

In case you’ve spilled something on your Abingdon carpet, make sure to attempt and absorb the liquids with plain white paper towels or absorbent cloths. When dealing with crusty types of stains, you may want to scrape lightly, but make sure not to rub, or use force, as this will likely encourage the stain to go even deeper in the texture of your Abingdon carpet. When dealing with general spills, you can also attempt sponging a bit of warm water on top of the spill, to soften it up, and make it easier to be removed. If this doesn’t work, then chances are that you’re dealing with a more difficult type of spill, so you’ll have to refer to one of the techniques posted below.

Dealing with greasy stains

Methylated Spirits can easily take care of most greasy stains. Make sure not to apply the spirit directly to the stained area, but rather, use a small piece of cotton wood in order to apply it to the edges of the stain, while slowly moving in towards is centre. Absorbent sponges or kitchen rolls can be used to remove excessive moisture.

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  • Dealing with stains that have dried in

Dried-in stains are often a pain to deal with at first, but this technique may just make the process easier. Create a soap solution using two litres of tepid water, mixed with either a bit of carpet shampoo, or non-biological washing powder. Proceed to wet the stained area using the solution in question, via cotton wool. You can also blot using the kitchen roll, and work your way inwards.

  • Dealing with nail polish or glue-based stains

Surprisingly, nail polish remover (acetone), can work wonders on carpets as well. Just make sure to use a cotton towel when applying the substance to the spill, and avoid wetting it up too much. White paper towels can then be used to slowly make your way inwards to the centre of the spill, as you’re removing it.


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  • Dealing with candle wax

While candle wax stains are not too common, they too can happen. This technique is a bit more complex, as you’ll have to cover the stain with a cotton towel, and then proceed to apply a WARM iron on top of the stain, until the wax is absorbed. Avoid applying the iron directly to the carpet, or using a high temperature, as this may cause the carpet’s fibre to melt.


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